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Technical Services Ltd (TSL) was founded in 1993 with a mission to provide the highest quality service and products to its ever growing global client list in Central America. As a leading provider of electronic products, it takes pride in offering the best products at the most competitive prices. TSL is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers each and every day.


Time has shown that to keep a customer, demands as much skill as to win one.


Although the company's history takes pride in speciallizing in digital cameras, camcorders and lenses, throughout the years its product portfolio has come to include other very popular brand names which include portable music players, digital recorders, drones, luxury watches, fitness equipment, fashion brands, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Technical Services culture was created on the fundamentals of character, trust and long lasting business relationships, as it truly believes that its most important assets are the clients themselves.


Technical Services Ltd currently distributes and sells to a network of buyers/retailers from Honduras to El Salvador,Nicaragua, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana,Bolivia and off course Belize where its Headquarters are located.


Our objective is to offer the highest quality service to all our existing clients and future customers.


Technical Services Ltd believes that unbeatable, quick and effective after sales support leaves both suppliers and buyers satisfied whilst increasing retention rate and sales.


Technical Services Ltd is proud to have won numerous tenders in the government, public and private sector. As a result it was able to create a dedicated team to respond to this on going success.


Since 2012 Technical Services Ltd has expanded to include renowned Medical and Pharmaceutical Brands. With hard work and a lot of persistence the company has seen year after year growth and as a result was able to effectively widen its portfolio in a very competitive market.

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