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Elevate Your Sound to the Power of Z


All of the clean gain & Vari-Z control of the Cloudlifter Z 

in an active DI for bass, guitar, & keyboard players!


Variable Impedance Control

Variable impedance control - Vari-Z - to shape and contour your tone, whether you are using a microphone on a cabinet or going direct with your bass, guitar, or keyboard.


Variable High-Pass Filtering

Continuously variable high-pass filtering @ -6dB per octave works in tandem with the variable impedance control for even greater tonal shaping.


Variable Gain

Three settings yield up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain for XLR microphones and up to +15dB for 1/4” inputs like bass, guitar and keyboards.


Combo Input​

Compatible with 1/4” Hi-Z instrument inputs and XLR Lo-Z microphones via the Neutrik Combo Input Connector.


Premium Electronics

Patented Class A, discrete JFET circuitry and Hi-Z to Lo-Z premium CineMag instrument transformer for pristine sound.


Made in the USA

Cloudlifter CL-Zi


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