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Product Description

KOVA® Glasstic Slide With Counting Grids – A precision manufactured, 10-chambered disposable microscope slide made of optically clear plastic with a neubauer counting grid. The Glasstic® slide grid is in the focal plane of the specimen, allowing for use over a range of magnifications.

Reduces pipetting errors and eliminates variable that can interfere with microscopic urinalysis:

  • Superior optical plastic with a refractive index that is similar to glass
  • Manufactured to the specifications of high quality optical lenses, smooth with a tolerance below 50
  • Perimeter contained wells for precise volume control and protection of cross-contamination and leakage
  • Easier and faster counting with Neubauer style ruling pattern
  • Capillary action provides reproducible precision
  • Homogeneous suspension of sample sediments


Product Breakdowns

Part No.DescriptionContentsAvailability
87144Glasstic Slide 10 With Counting Grids100 SlidesUS Only
87144EGlasstic Slide 10 With Counting Grids100 SlidesInternational
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KOVA® Glasstic Slide 10 With Counting Grids


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