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Key Features

  • Total 1000Ws
  • 7 F-Stop Variability
  • Exposure Consistency to 1/50 F-Stop
  • Color Temp Consistency of 40°K


Profoto D1 500 Air Overview

The Profoto D1 Air 500Ws 2-Monolight Studio Kit w/o Remote (90-120V & 200-240V) gives you a total of 1000Ws of Profoto digital lighting power, with color temperature and exposure consistency across the entire 7 f-stop power range (thanks to the dual mode SMPS capacitor charging technology). This kit also includes 2 light stands, 2 umbrellas, a sync cord and a studio kit case for storage and transport.

A built-in reflector controls stray light from the flash head, and it's designed for use with other reflectors, softboxes and umbrellas. Easy-to-use controls help you take advantage of the D1's fast recycling time (0.95 seconds @ full power), short flash duration (1/1000 to 1/2600 sec. @ t0.5) and 1/10 f-stop precision exposure control.  Air Remote Control not included.


  • Total 1000Ws
  • Color consistency of 40 degrees Kelvin from flash to flash
  • 1/10 f/stop control
  • Output consistency of 1/50th of an f/stop
  • Flash duration as short as 1/2600th second
  • 7 f-stop variability
  • Multi-voltage, from 90~120V and 200-240V without having to change the modeling light
  • 300W quartz-halogen proportional modeling light

Profoto D1 Air 500Ws 2-Monolight Studio Kit w/o Remote (90-120V & 200-240V)


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