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Our flagship tia Fourté™ was born of a desire to redefine your experience with music. This pursuit led to a reinvention of how we build in-ear monitors with an industry-first, completely tubeless technology. To celebrate this momentous innovation, we’ve revisited our award-winning design with this limited edition Fourté Noir.

The retuned dynamic low driver results in a warmer and richer low frequency response while the premium silver content in Mundorf’s solder allows for great conduction resulting in better transient control. Additionally, an updated premium cable provides lower resistance, yielding a smoother high frequency response. An all-black, aluminum shell gives Fourté Noir an elegant, new look, and real copper-patinated faceplates make each set as unique as your fingerprint.

Welcome to the pinnacle of in-ear monitor design.

64 Audio - Fourté Noir


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