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AminAvast supports and promotes healthy kidney function with AB070597, a patent pending ingredient created through a proprietary process using amino acids and a peptide.



AminAvast Cat/Small dog dosage up to 10 lbs.: 1 capsule twice daily; 10-20 lbs.: 2 capsules twice daily.

AminAvast Large dog dosage 21-30 lbs.: 1 capsule twice daily; 31-40 lbs.: 1-1/2 capsule twice daily; 41-55 lbs.: 2 capsules twice daily; 56-70 lbs.: 2-1/2 capsules daily; 71-80 lbs.: 3 capsules twice daily; 81-90 lbs.: 3 1/2 capsules twice daily; 91-100 lbs.: 4 capsules twice daily.

AminAvast 1000mg Kidney Support for Dogs & Cats


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