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Elevate Your Sound to the Power of Z


All the ultra-clean gain of the original plus the innovative Vari-Z control for massive sound shaping.


Variable Impedance Control

Variable impedance control - Vari-Z - to shape and contour the sound of your ribbon or dynamic microphone.


Variable High-Pass Filtering

Continuously variable high-pass filtering @ -6dB per octave works in tandem with the variable impedance control for even greater tonal shaping.


Variable Gain

Two gain settings - more & max - yield up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain for low output dynamic & ribbon microphones.


Reduce Feedback

Be heard above the mix on stage with increased 

gain before feedback.


Premium Electronics

Patented Class A, discrete JFET circuitry for pristine sound.


Made in the USA

Cloudlifter Z


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