The Exergen TAT-2000 Temporal Thermometer is Exergen's economical Professional Thermometer. The Exergen TAT-2000 Temporal Thermometer is recommended for use in office-based practices, ambulatory care clinics, pheresis and blood donor units, and extended care facilities. The Temporal Scanner measures the temperature of the temporal artery to obtain an accurate representation of the body's core temperature. Taking temperatures with the TAT-2000 is quick, accurate, and non-invasive, making it an instant favorite for both patients and clinicians.

Taking a temperature with a light stroke across the forehead, the Exergen TAT-2000 is easy to use and reliable - it takes thousands of readings per scan, then chooses the best result. The LED scan indicator indicates the temperature is being scanned and flashes when a higher measurement is detected, indicating the location of the temporal artery. Exergen's Infrared Thermometry is proven to be more accurate than ear or oral methods, and is as accurate as rectal thermometry, without the discomfort or lag time.

Exergen Thermometers can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after each use or, if additional infection control is required, disposable covers are available - See accessories below. The TAT-2000 is proudly made in the USA.


Battery Life Approximately 7500 readings
Dimensions 1.25" x 1.75" x 7 (3.18 x 4.45 x 17.8 cm ) DxWxH
Display LCD Display
Graduation 0.1 ° F (0.1 ° C)
Measurement Range 60 to 107.6° F (15.5 to 42° C)
Operating Temperature 60 to 104° F (15.5 to 40° C)
Power (1) 9V battery
Response Time 0.03 sec
Scan Speed Approximately 1000 readings per sec
Time Displayed on Screen 30 sec before automatic shutdown
Weight 130 g (4.6 oz) including battery

Exergen TAT-2000 Professional Grade Temporal Thermometer