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Profoto A1 Soft Bounce

With the Profoto A1 Soft Bounce, you create a soft, flattering light. The Soft Bounce is perfect for situations where no reflection area is available or when you want to give more direction to your photo by reflecting via a ceiling. The Soft Bounce is very light and easy to use; it unfolds automatically and is clamped on the magnetic mounting point, is stackable and can thus be used in combination with other A1 light shapers. The Soft Bounce for the A1 flashlight is perfect for photographing people and portraits, as the light is soft and flattering. Also, the Soft Bounce forms beautiful contours on the face. This makes you more creative with light.


Features of the Profoto A1 Soft Bounce

  • Creates soft, flattering light with the A1
  • Ideal for photographing portraits
  • Easy to fold in and out
  • Attached to the magnetic mounting point of the A1
  • Stackable with other A1 light shapers
  • Stored in a protective bag


Package contents

  • Profoto A1 Soft Bounce
  • Protective bag

Profoto Soft Bounce for A1 Flash


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