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About Sirui W-2204 + K-20X


- W-2204 Tripod -
Waterproof three- / monopods - convertible all-rounder with rubber boots
Water, waves, wilderness - this is the best way to describe the W series. Look forward to outdoor photography without compromise. Because these tripods keep tight! No water or dust penetrates into the specially sealed leg closures (up to the top of sponge rubber handles). These tripods will not leave you in the rain, right?

The tripods of the W series are the must-have for all photographers who want to be fast and flexible. Changing between monopods or tripods will not stop you and will not burden your equipment. As tripods they keep the camera safe and in the blink of an eye you have the integrated monopod, hand strap included. With the SIRUI W series, you remain flexible and have the right assistant at hand in every situation.

Another highlight is the divisible center column, which of course is height-adjustable and reversible for close-up shots. The conversion is completely tool-free with SIRUI tripods and is thus possible everywhere and at any time.

Head mounting plate
The head mounting plate made of aluminum is equipped with a set screw for securing the head.

Head Mount Screw
The head mount screw is quickly reversible from 1/4" to 3/8".

Screw caps sealed
Specially sealed ring locks with grippy rubber coating. This makes the tripod water- and dust-tight to below the tripod shoulder. 1/2 turn is enough and the leg segments move out automatically. The closures can be dismantled for maintenance and care.

Note: Waterproof to the top of sponge rubber handles

Tripod with integrated monopod
The W-series has a full monopod integrated. For this, the leg is simply removed from the tripod and equipped with the second head mounting plate and the wrist strap. The other mounting plate can stay on the tripod, which saves time and is practical.

Divisible by center column
The center column is divisible, height adjustable and reversible, thus all positions of the subject acquisition are possible. The flexibility of the center column allows for close-up shots as well as increasing the overall height of the stand. If desired, the monopod can be extended with the long part of the center column.

Rubber feet and stainless steel spikes
The tripods of the W series all have three rubber feet and three metal spikes. On firm, even ground the rubber feet are ideal. On soft, uneven ground the metal spikes show their strengths. Thus, the tripods are prepared for every terrain.

Legs 0-180 Degree
Can be folded 180 Degree - the legs can be fully folded from 0-180 Degree, so the pack size is reduced and the head is completely enclosed.

Waterproof to just over the sponge rubber handles.

- K-20X Ball Head -
Powerhouses made of aluminum with impressive features
The SIRUI KX series ball heads are precise and carefully processed. The tolerance between ball and bearing for SIRUI heads is max. 0.01mm. The superior quality is achieved by high-end CNC milling and high-quality surface treatment.

The base can be easily rotated 360 Degree continuously, making panoramic shots a breeze. With the three leveling levels, the head can be perfectly aligned. The clamping device is compatible with the Arca Swiss system and thus allows the use of various quick release plates.

The Safety Lock System prevents unintentional slipping of the quick release plate and the sliding stoppers in the plate secure the camera against twisting. The precise processing of the rotary knobs enables the particularly smooth and effective detection and release of the individual components of the SIRUI KX series. The ball's friction setting is integrated into the locking knob on the KX series. The friction is limited in the end stop and has a helpful adjustment scale.

Safety Lock System
The Safety Lock System prevents accidental slipping of the quick release plate. By pressing on the red pin on the removable base, the removable plate can be removed without having to completely open the plate clamp.

Metal buttons with rubber coating
The adjustment knobs are made of metal and have a non-slip rubber coating. This allows a secure tightening and comfortable loosening.

Spirit levels for perfect alignment
Three leveling vents installed in the jig are used for perfect horizontal vertical alignment of the upper head section.

Quick release plates with sliding stopper
The scope of delivery includes an Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate of the SIRUI Tune series. It is rubberized, has a 1/4" screw with strap and is equipped with sliding stopper against turning the camera.

Plate models and dimensions can be found below the table below.

ARCA-Swiss compatible
The clamping device is compatible with the Arca Swiss System. As a result, all quick release plates that meet this standard can be used.

Friction wheel for individual adjustment
The friction adjustment is cleverly integrated in the locking knob. With the silver-colored friction regulation, the movement of the ball can be adjusted exactly.


Sirui W-2204 + K-20X Features

  • W-2204 Tripod Features
  • High Quality Aluminum, Lightweight, Stable, Resistant
  • Carbon 10-ply, Super Lightweight, Stable, Low Vibration
  • Three fixed click stops on the legs for flexible use
  • Locking mechanism - automatic locking when legs are folded down
  • Stabilizing hook - by loading the hook, the tripod becomes steadier
  • Sponge rubber grips protect against high and low temperatures
  • Pocket belt can be used detached from the bag as a tripod strap
  • K-20X Ball Head Features
  • 360 Degree stepless panorama function with scale in 5 Degree increments
  • 90 Degree portrait notch for portrait-size shooting
  • Plate with sliding stopper against rotation of the camera
  • 1/4" screw for mounting the camera in the quick release plate
  • 3/8" head mounting thread in the bottom of the head

Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod & K-20X Ball Head


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